If you would like your asemic work to be considered for publication in Asemics Magazine send a link to your materials. We like to pick stuff ourselves that fits the focus and aesthetic of the magazine. The magazine is curated with an eye toward favorite content being in an ‘in print’ publication from Ontological Museum Publications. For the book, favor will be given to artists and authors with physical works in the Museum’s archives such as hand made works, donated publications or archival prints of high quality suitable for exhibition.

For starters you can send an asemic correspondence by mail or some artifacts of your work to the Ontological Museum Archives at:

Ontological Musuem – Asemic Magazine
C/O Cecil Touchon
4810 West Alameda Street
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Your correspondence will be inventoried and become part of the archives of the museum and, as such, will be a cherished acquisition which the museum will be eager to publish in the magazine. Since a museum is by nature a narcissistic animal it loves anything that feeds it and makes it grow. We always try to give VIP treatment to people who have artifacts in the archives.

Send an asemic postcard, a publication you have made (we’ll try to review it), an asemic written note in an envelope, (something handmade prefered), something suitable for future exhibitions, something that won’t fall apart or rot or smell (we have gotten stuff like that before). We’ll send you something back!

To make life easy on us and to speed up the process, send an email with digitals (1500 pixels on the long side or larger) and description of what you are sending to

When sending items by email be sure to include the images as listed above AND:

  • Title,
  • An explanation of the work,
  • bio of yourself,
  • A link to your website

Don’t fret over it, do it right now.

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