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[g(i)ft](s) – Lanny Quarles

here is a series of Asemic glyph fetish / totems (or [g(i)ft](s)the idea revolves around primitive thought forms mixed freely with certain alchemical ideas.. each [g(i)ft] is both an unknowable sound, and an unknowable...


Nico Vassilakis Vispo

Nico Vassilakis is the author of Alphabet Noir (c_L books), Text Loses Time (ManyPenny Press), DIESEL HAND (Chax) and several other books. He co-edited The Last Vispo Anthology (Fantagraphics Books) with Crag Hill. Nico...


Stephen Nelson

Stephen Nelson ‘State of Emergency’ Asemic writing Stephen Nelson: Poem about the German Guy in my Dreams Stephen Nelson, page from an asemic writing journal Stephen Nelson is a Scottish poet and musician. His...



The idea or concept of asemic writing  can be applied to just about anything that is usually ‘read’. This might include correspondence, poetry, painting, drawings, diagrams, maps, books, comics, newspapers, charts, instructions, or anything...


Asemic Comic Rosaire Appel

Comic Composition Rosaire Appel Who says you can’t make an asemic comic book? Appel uses the comic book format to create a composition of image boxes to create an open ended story that a...

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