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[g(i)ft](s) – Lanny Quarles

here is a series of Asemic glyph fetish / totems (or [g(i)ft](s)the idea revolves around primitive thought forms mixed freely with certain alchemical ideas.. each [g(i)ft] is both an unknowable sound, and an unknowable...


Stephen Nelson

Stephen Nelson ‘State of Emergency’ Asemic writing Stephen Nelson: Poem about the German Guy in my Dreams Stephen Nelson, page from an asemic writing journal Stephen Nelson is a Scottish poet and musician. His...


Asemics Require an Explanation or Do They?

So what exactly is ‘asemic’ writing?   Personally, I think asemic writing is a wordless, open semantic form of writing that is international in its mission. How can writing be wordless, someone may ask. The...


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