asemic writing, asemic texts
The Asemic Tendency in the Work of Cecil Touchon

Cecil Touchon was born in Austin, Texas February 7, 1956. A practicing artist since the mid 1970's, there has been a long standing tendency in Touchon's work toward the use of language-like markings now known as asemic writing. There is actually a long tradition of making language-like markings. Among Touchon's early inspirations were artists such as Mark Tobey, Juan Miro and Paul Klee.

Asemic is a relativily new term, see wikipedia for more details.

Touchon's approach has, at its roots, an intention to use writing-like mark making as a form of meditation with the idea of giving expression to wordless states of consciousness. To speak what cannot be spoken.
As a form of meditation or contemplation, the repetitive activity of making marks allows the artist to concentrate on working without the intrusion of language as we normally think bout it. Touchon also seems to embrace a certain amount of chaos and chance, insisting that behind all things is an all pervading order and that what we think of as randomness or chaos is merely our lack of recognition of this order that guides all things and events.
Touchon refers to his collages made with cut up and rearranged bits of text as Typographic Abstractions.